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Our Mission

The Town of Framingham is providing Framingham Maps as a new way of accessing public data. This data has always existed and been obtainable by any public citizen, but processes for finding and retrieving it have either been too complex or not well known by the average individual.

Our mission is to provide up to date public information in a easy to use interface. Letting everyone have access to the information, not just the experts.


The information shown on maps from the Town of Framingham web site is produced from the Town's Geographic Information System (GIS).

The Town of Framingham cannot guarantee the accuracy of map information.  Users of this information are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information and its suitability for use.

By clicking the the button to access the maps, you indicate that you have read and comply with this disclaimer.

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All information provided through our service is available through traditional public channels. We have, however, limited the information we provide to protect individuals privacy. Because of this you will not find phone numbers or restricted information of individuals in any of our public databases. If you require access to this information, you will have to go through traditional methods.

Suggestions and Comments

Our service has been designed to be very simple and easy to use, while providing the most flexibility possible. If you have any comments or suggestions about our service, please e-mail us at

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