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Town of Framingham <br />Board of Selectmen <br />Policy for the Regulation of Taxicabs /Livery Vehicles and the <br />Operation Thereof <br />In The Town Of Framingham <br />Issue date: December 7, 2000 <br />Type of policy: New ( ) Amendment ( x ) <br />Effective date: January 16, 2001 <br />Amended date: November 1, 2004 <br />Amended date: May 13, 2008 <br />Amended date: April 14, 2009 <br />Amended date: October 1, 2010 <br />Level: Department ( ) Division O Town Wide (x) <br />Policy Statement <br />It is hereby ordered that the rules and regulations of taxicabs and livery vehicles, adopted by the <br />Board of Selectmen, are hereby declared adopted in place thereof. <br />References <br />M.G.L., Chapter 90 <br />M.G.L., Chapter 40, Section 22 <br />Special Terms <br />Examiner: <br />The Chief of Police of the Town of Framingham or any person or persons so authorized by the <br />Chief of Police. <br />License Administrator: <br />The individual responsibility for administratively handling the paperwork, complaints, permit <br />licenses, etc. for the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, Examiner, or any of their designees. <br />Section 3. Regulatory 3.3 1 <br />